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I am an enthusiast of many things and on many levels, an introvert with interests in cars, military, motor racing, football, aviation, photography, plane spotting and the never ending search for information.

This blog has been created to combine several of these interests into one Aviation Blog that defines who I am, what I enjoy and provide a lasting legacy of the time my mind spends on the topic of aviation and more importantly to share this with other likeminded enthusiasts who understand the aviation bug.

In other words this blog is about me sharing my passion for all things aviation one post at a time.

My name is Fletcher Christian (no relation), I was born in 1970 and married to Linda with two great kids Amy & Ryan and a Border Collie, Max, who considers himself human and part of, if not, the head of our family.

I welcome comments and would be happy to have a chat at any time. Please subscribe to the Blog below (go on, I know you want to) so you do not miss a thing. As the Blog grows I will do my best to thank my subscribers (so watch this space).

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I am starting out with an idea, boarding a mystery flight and taking off on a journey to destinations unknown.


My Family
My Family

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