F-35 Lightning II

The F-35 Lightning II is the most popular topic to date on MyAviationBlog.com. A dedicated Page now lists all F-35 related posts in one convenient location for you.

Whether you are a supporter or opponent of the F-35 you must agree that it is never boring. The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is a plane that attracts the news headlines, is always controversial and always has something going on. These posts give you a view of the F-35 beyond the headlines. They will enable you to take what you already know and form your own educated opinion about the F-35.

Enjoy the journey and do not be afraid to leave a comment or two.

F-35 Lightning II – Opinion

F-35 Lightning IIJoint Strike Fighter X Plane Competition . It is important to remember that the F-35 won a competition to become the preferred stealth fighter plane for the USA and its Partners

F-35 Lightning IIF-35 – It is Australia’s New Fighter Jet . It’s probably time we moved on from the common question of “IS the F-35 the right fighter plane for Australia?”

F-35 Lightning IILockheed Martin F-35 – An Australian ViewAs a result of the F-35 delivery delays Australia has had implement interim measures. At what cost?

F-35 Lightning IILockheed Martin F-35 – Oct’14 ContractsWhile production of the F-35 struggles approx. $10 billion worth of contracts were awarded in October 2014.

F-35 Lightning IIF-35 Program – What Does Success Look Like. Are you as confused about the state of the F-35 Program as I am?


As President, Trump is a Powerful Business Man. How does Trump negotiate a $9 Billion F-35 Contract.

F-35 Lightning II – Capabilities

F-35 Lightning IIF135 Engine – 10 Current Facts You Need To Know. Pratt & Whitney has the engineering challenge of producing a reliable, low-cost engine for the F-35.

F-35 Lightning IIF-35 – Can it Fire All Its Weapons?  What do you really know about the weapons?

F-35 Lightning II5 Problems with the Sensors & Avionics of the F-35. What if any risk they pose to the F-35 Program?

stealth Stealth – The F35 Should Be Glad It Has It. Stealth is not dead. It is only being challenged. The fight for supremacy is on.

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