Airline Special Livery Proves To Be An Excellent Promotional Tool

Airline special livery can promote anything from themselves to special events for a world-wide audience. Heading out for a day’s plane spotting you always look forward to capturing a unique Airline Special Livery. Plenty of examples of airline special livery are given below from Sydney and Gold Coast Airports. This post had an update in December 2016.  Aircraft:  VH-VFN … Read more

Super King Air – A life of Working

Gold Coast Airport

I spotted this Beechcraft B200 Super King Air taking off at Gold Coast Airport in July 2014 and wondered this exact thing. When I got home I started researching and very quickly discovered this planes rich history spanning an already impressive 33 years. In summary, the B200 has flown over 13,000 hours, made over 13,000 landings, … Read more

Welcome to

Welcome to

I would like to welcome you my Blog and introduce you to the topics you will likely see in the coming months.  I have placed an “About Me” in the main menu that you can read at your leisure so this leaves the big question of “what content will I see on this Blog?” It … Read more

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