A Glorious Morning Plane Spotting on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast

The Gold Coast Airport is a great place to go plane spotting. It is an international airport,  a popular domestic airport and conducts the normal commercial business of a typical regional airport. I recently returned from a holiday at Coolangatta. It is only 4km from the Airport and I could not resist spending a glorious … Read more

Plane Spotting at Gold Coast Airport

Gold Coast Airport

Gold Coast Airport (YBGC) is a great plane spotting location for those seeking a variety of planes. I was lucky enough to spend a two week holiday on the Gold Coast in July 2014, or more specifically in Coolangatta which is located on the Queensland side of the border with New South Wales. Coolangatta is … Read more

A story of one Plane and Three Incidents

Folklorist’s say the belief that good or bad things come in threes is an ancient superstition that remains a strong modern belief. I have always prescribed to this theory and after recently reviewing the short but eventful history of Incidents for a humble Plane, the Airbus A321 operated by Jetstar Airlines that I spotted on … Read more

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