Boarding a Plane – Let’s talk Solutions

boarding a plane, passenger

Boarding a plane these days is a disorganised rabble of passengers all trying to squeeze through the one small door at the same time. It can be blamed on human nature or even a problem with society today but I disagree. The problems with boarding a plane lie in the Key Factors impacting the process and … Read more

Airline Logos – A Color Theory

airline logos

Airline logos and plane livery are an exciting part of plane spotting. The colors used by the airlines to represent their company has always fascinated me and this led me to develop the color theory. The Color Theory My color theory is not complicated however it works. The color theory is based on the thought … Read more

A story of one Plane and Three Incidents

Folklorist’s say the belief that good or bad things come in threes is an ancient superstition that remains a strong modern belief. I have always prescribed to this theory and after recently reviewing the short but eventful history of Incidents for a humble Plane, the Airbus A321 operated by Jetstar Airlines that I spotted on … Read more

Airline Special Livery Proves To Be An Excellent Promotional Tool

Airline special livery can promote anything from themselves to special events for a world-wide audience. Heading out for a day’s plane spotting you always look forward to capturing a unique Airline Special Livery. Plenty of examples of airline special livery are given below from Sydney and Gold Coast Airports. This post had an update in December 2016.  Aircraft:  VH-VFN … Read more

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