Bird Strikes – Just How Deadly Are They?

bird strikes

Bird strikes are a hot topic after the release of the movie “Sully”. With the hype that comes with a Hollywood movie it is timely to understand the bird strike phenomenon and consider just how deadly they are.  Bird Strikes in the USA 1990-2014 The FAA report Wildlife Strikes to Civil Aircraft in the United States, 1990-2014 is the source … Read more

QANTAS Gives a Jumbo Jet to the People


A memorable last flight was a fitting tribute for the retirement of the first QANTAS Boeing 747-400 named the “City of Canberra” QANTAS has donated the 747-400 to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) museum on the grounds of the Illawarra Regional Airport (YWOL). On the 8th March 2015 a QANTAS 747-400, registration VH-OJA flew from Sydney … Read more

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