As President, Trump is a Powerful Business Man


President Trump has shared his thoughts on many issues via social media over the last 12 months. From an aviation perspective, two costly programs namely the F-35 and 747-8 (new Air Force One) have been his strategic targets. In this post we will focus on the F-35 Program. Trump v F-35 Program The cost of the F-35 started … Read more

HARS Air Show – 2016 Wings Over Illawarra

air show

The 2016 HARS Wings Over Illawarra air show was held on the weekend of 30 April to 1 May 2016 at the Illawarra Regional Airport, also known as Wollongong Airport (YWOL). Only 90 minutes from my home it is the only air show I attend each year. As an Avgeek and amateur photographer I have … Read more

5 Problems with the F-35 Sensors & Avionics


Sensors and avionics are words that fail to express the size and complexity of the systems they describe. In this post I will be examining 5 problems associated with the F-35 sensors & avionics to decide what if any risk they pose to the F-35 Program. Problem 1 – The AESA Radar’s Electronic Warfare (EW) … Read more

F-35 Lightning II – Can it Fire all its Weapons?


The weapons used by the F-35 Lightning II are capable of destroying targets in the air and on the ground with great accuracy. When combined with the advanced sensors, superior situational awareness and stealth, you will have lethal fighter/attack aircraft. Or so the marketing goes. What do you really know about the weapons? Can they be … Read more

F-35 Program – What Does Success Look Like?

F-35 Program

Are you as confused about the state of the F-35 Program as I am? “I can’t see the forest through the trees”. This is a phrase that comes to mind when reading the myriad of reports, news articles, forums and opinions about the F-35 Program. For me, this is creating information overload and I need … Read more

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